Choose your path to medical school in Australia.

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Study Medicine.

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Study Medicine

  • Concise and comprehensive information about 59 Australian university medical degree paths from 20 Australian university medicine degree programs (offered by 22 universities)

  • Identify all the available Australian university medicine degrees and degrees that lead to medicine

  • Understand differences in degree programs and the selection criteria used by each university

  • Compare different degrees and make informed choices to optimise your ability to be accepted into a medical degree

  • Updated information - as university degrees and entrance requirements change

  • Identify upcoming significant events in the medicine application cycle for the next month

  • Applicable for high school students, university students, career counsellors and parents.



  • Degree Path Summaries - for 59 Australian medicine degrees

  • Detailed Degree Requirements - size of the medicine program, how selection is undertaken, detailed specific requirements plus Commentary.

  • University Comparitor - allows you to directly compare degrees side by side and identify your optimal degree/s.

  • Deadline Listing - how to apply and comprehensive monthly deadline listing compiled from 70 webpages. Includes when offers for interview are issued, deadlines for applications and associated paperwork, deadlines associated with UCAT/GAMSAT/CASPer etc.


how to access Study medicine information

There are 4 Study Medicine information packages. 

  • Deadline Listing - $5 initial fee then $5 per month (monthly access)

  • Basic Information Package - $140 (12 month access)

  • Comprehensive Information Package - $245 (12 month access)

  • Professional / School Information Package - $345 (12 month access)




Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university information sources and publicly available data and therefore is a generic guide and is not to be relied upon. Authoritative information is only provided by the university and/or admissions centre. Make sure you obtain information directly from the university/admissions centre before making any decisions.