Study Medicine

  • Concise and comprehensive information about 59 Australian university medical degree paths

  • Identify all the available Australian university medicine degrees and degrees that lead to medicine

  • Understand differences in degree programs and the selection criteria used by each university

  • Compare different degrees and make informed choices to optimise your ability to be accepted into a medical degree.



  • Degree Path Summaries - for 59 Australian medicine degrees

  • Detailed Degree Requirements - size of the medicine program, how selection is undertaken, detailed specific requirements plus Commentary.

  • University Comparitor - allows you to directly compare degrees side by side and identify your optimal degree/s.

  • Updated information - as university degrees and entrance requirements change

  • Applicable for high school students, university students, career counsellors and parents.


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1. University degree path summary

A summary for each of the 20 Australian universities that offer a medicine program, with details of 59 degree paths.  

  • All degree paths to medicine provided by each university - direct medicine degrees and degrees that lead to medicine

  • Type of medicine degree offered (undergraduate/postgraduate or both)

  • Selection criteria used to offer a place in the medical degree - each item assessed and its weighting

  • High school requirements - academic requirements (ATAR etc.) and subject prerequisites


  • Enables high school students and parents to determine subjects to study in Year 12, and to identify subject requirements in Year 11 and Year 10

  • Shows direct entry medicine degrees and degrees that lead to medicine

  • Enables university students with a degree or with an incomplete degree to determine postgraduate medicine program options

  • Summary information that can be used by career counsellors to discuss possible university options with students



2. Detailed university degree requirements

Detailed information for each university, identifying  medicine degrees and degrees that lead to medicine plus Commentary.

  • Numbers of places offered in the medicine program, number of places that may transfer or may secure a place through another degree

  • Selection criteria - detailed descriptions of the criteria, how invitations for interview are determined, how the offer of a place is determined

  • Commentary regarding how the university structures its medicine program and how this compares with other universities, including the unique aspects of the university's assessment approach

  • Application process for each degree


  • Detailed information that's kept up to date

  • Provides additional information - number of places in the medicine program, whether transfers from other degrees are possible, duration of the degree, location, time limits within which previous degrees are considered valid, bonus schemes offered, etc.

  • Detailed information that can be used by career counsellors to discuss options with students

  • Enables similar degrees to be comprehensively assessed and compared



3. University Comparitor

Compare one university and its paths to medicine with 19 other Australian universities and their respective paths by scrolling through all 59 available paths.



  • Easily compare similar degrees - for example, a Biomedical Science degree at one university versus a Health Sciences degree at another

  • Compare relative benefits and merits of different degrees and different universities

  • Easily compare medicine degree selection criteria and each selection item's respective weighting

  • Easily assess all 59 Australian university paths to medicine - how each path is structured and identify the requirements to be accepted into medicine


  • Determine the path that best suits your strengths

  • Make fully informed choices



4. Study medicine information access


Access this information by signing up for one of the 4 Study Medicine information packages. 


Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university information sources and publicly available data and therefore is a guide. Authoritative information is provided by the university only. Make sure you obtain information directly from the university before making any decisions.