It's hard to get into medicine...

There are thousands of dedicated, would-be medical students all trying to apply for the limited number of Australian university places, 

and you have to be really clever to meet the understandably high scores to get in.

No issues here. These are all givens.



what's also a challenge, is getting information about all the Australian university medical degrees,

and working out how they compare,

so you can think through your options to maximise your chance of being accepted into medicine.





Study Medicine gives you the overview (map, if you will) to choose your best path to become a doctor.  

I started to put this information together so my daughter could understand what's involved in applying for a medical degree in Australia. I have a background in science and management. I also work at a university but even so, I found much of the available degree information challenging to follow and it particularly difficult to compare degrees offered by different universities. We weren’t even sure if we knew all the degrees that were available.

I created the Study Medicine visual system and developed detailed information about medical degrees in Australia to better describe the available degrees and the possible paths that would lead to medicine. Research into degrees and development of the Study Medicine system has been over a year in the making.

The initial concept of Study Medicine was tested with school career counsellors and medical practitioners and during this period I also established a strong working relationship with the Australian Medical Association (AMA). The AMA website now has links to Study Medicine throughout.

Study Medicine does not have any affiliations with organisations that offer support/products such as UMAT/UCAT or GAMSAT preparation materials.

Study Medicine as a web - based system is updated and maintained and this is an important aspect, as university information frequently does change as medicine programs (including admission requirements etc) are modified and new degrees and requirements are added.

The intent behind Study Medicine is to provide useful and easy to follow information that augments university medical degree material. Study Medicine does not use jargon, aims to be clear and concise and is written in the interests of a prospective medical student - in actively looking to provide information about options and assist you choose the best degrees to apply for, to optimise your chance to be accepted into medicine. In other words, the litmus test for Study Medicine is whether the information would be useful to my daughter.

I decided it would be a good thing to also provide this information to you. I figure it's hard enough to get into medicine, without the complication of trying to understand each university's requirements as well as understand complicated degree information to the point where you can weigh up options, when at the same time you're trying to study. 

I offer Study Medicine information it as I know it will be helpful, not only for high school and university students looking to get into undergraduate or postgraduate degrees, but also for other supporters such as parents and school career counsellors.



Study Medicine Founder