Study Medicine allows you to compare all possible degree paths to medicine.


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Detailed university degree information

If you want to Compare all available degrees choose the Comprehensive Information Package ($245 for 12 month access) for individual use or the Professional/School Information Package ($345 for 12 month access) for professional use.

The Comprehensive Information Package and the Professional/School Information Package includes all Degree Path Summaries, Detailed Degree Requirements, Commentary, Comparitor and monthly Deadline Listing

Detailed information for each degree identifying and describing key criteria, includes:

  • Degree Path Summaries - 59 Australian medicine degrees from 20 Australian university medicine degree programs (offered by 22 universities)

  • Detailed Degree Requirements - size of the medicine program, how selection is undertaken, detailed specific requirements, numbers of places offered, number of places that may transfer from other degrees, duration of the degree, location, time limits within which previous degrees are considered valid, bonus schemes offered, etc.

  • Selection criteria - how invitations for interview are assessed, how the offer of a place is determined

  • Commentary regarding how the university structures its medicine program, how this compares with other universities and unique aspects of the university's assessment approach

  • How to apply for each degree

  • Deadline Listing - comprehensive monthly application deadline listing compiled from 70 webpages. Includes significant deadlines for the month - applications, when offers are issued, when invitation to interview are issued, etc.

  • University Comparitor - allows you to directly compare degrees side by side and identify your optimal degree/s.


  • Compare relative benefits and merits of different degrees and different universities

  • Easily compare medicine degree selection criteria and each selection item's respective weighting

  • Easily assess all 59 Australian university paths to medicine - how each path is structured and identify the requirements to be accepted into medicine

  • Determine the path that best suits your strengths


how to access study medicine information

There are 4 Study Medicine information packages. 

  • Deadline Listing - $5 initial fee then $5 per month (monthly access)

  • Basic Information Package - $140 (12 month access)

  • Comprehensive Information Package - $245 (12 month access)

  • Professional / School Information Package - $345 (12 month access)




Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university information sources and publicly available data and therefore is a generic guide and is not to be relied upon. Authoritative information is only provided by the university and/or admissions centre. Make sure you obtain information directly from the university/admissions centre before making any decisions.