Curtin University is the only undergraduate medical degree in Western Australia. A limited number of graduate entrants and students switching from other Curtin degrees (known as Curtin Switchers) may be accepted, but most places in Curtin's medical school are for school leavers. All applicants need to complete UCAT (even graduates and Curtin Course Switchers) to be considered for Curtin's medical program. 


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Available paths 


There are 2 possible paths to medicine at Curtin. 

Path 1 - Direct entry for school leavers

You need chemistry to apply to the Curtin medical degree. Curtin also indicates maths is desirable and this includes either Mathematics Applications ATAR, Methods ATAR or Mathematics Specialist ATAR.

Path 2 -  University degree (any degree, any university) or incomplete degree from Curtin University



How selection works


The selection criteria for Curtin University medicine comprises a 2 stage process (like many other universities):-

Stage 1: Criteria for Interview

Academic results from school from your incomplete Curtin degree (if you are a Switcher) or from your degree (if you are a graduate) are combined with your UMAT - now UCAT to determine who's offered an interview. This is based on 60% academic merit score + 40% UMAT(now UCAT).

Stage 2: Criteria for an offer of a place in the medical degree

Curtin University doesn't disclose the selection criteria weightings regarding how places in its medical program are determined, other than indicating applicants are ranked on merit.  




An important qualification


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The above information is intended to help you understand the Curtin University medicine degree and the available paths to gain entry. Remember, information can always change, so ensure you keep up to date by regularly checking directly with Curtin University.