Medical Schools in Australia November deadlines - interview time for undergrads and offers for postgrads.


interview time for undergrads and offers for postgrads

Good Luck to every Year 12 student

The deadlines for the end of October and November for medical schools in Australia applications are given below. In all this information there is, however, one really key period that’s not listed - and that of course is the exam period for Year 12 students in Australia. Very best wishes to everyone sitting these exams.

Late October and late November is interview time for undergrads

Hold onto your hats - the interviews are coming for undergraduate medical programs. There’s an absolute avalanche of interviews happening during this period - starting in late October with rural interviews for UNSW. The University of Adelaide and Monash also send out interview notifications at this time.

The fun then well and truly starts in late November with interviews for:

  • University of Adelaide,

  • Monash,

  • Western Sydney,

  • University of Newcastle/New England (if you’re a NSW, ACT, Queensland or rural applicant),

  • University of Western Australia,

  • James Cook University and

  • Curtin University.

  • Monash also adds to the excitement with interviews held in Malaysia, Singapore and other areas in Asia.

The first green shots of postgraduate offers

The end of October also sees the first offers for postgraduate medicine at ANU with the University of Melbourne releasing international medicine offers at this time. Then in November offers of places are issued by GEMSAS followed by University of Wollongong and University of Melbourne (with domestic offers).

Monash international deadlines

If you’re an international student wishing to apply for Monash, the end of October also sees some hard deadlines for you.

  • Make sure, if you are Australian based and wish to apply for Monash undergraduate/direct entry medicine, that you have sat ISAT by the end of October.

  • The end of October also means applications for all international students for direct entry medicine close.

In addition, Asian international student applications for graduate entry medicine also close at the end of October.

ISAT sittings

If you are intending to sit ISAT in Brisbane make sure you register for the 15 November session. Otherwise ISAT assessments are held in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. If you wish to sit at other locations you will need to contact the ISAT office.


Medical Schools in Australia Deadlines for November

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