What will the New Year bring? Offers for undergrads and final paperwork for grads.


Undergrads have a stressful start to the New Year with final interviews and offers. Final paperwork for graduates.

There’s a rhythm to the January interview and offer cycle for undergraduates - this last round of interviews and offers being quite a beautiful dance .

The first offers in January are released by UTAS, followed by Monash with their Year 12 direct entry offers.

It all then heats up with the release of IB results on the 3rd January. Each university then works to systematically fill up all their available medicine places.

January starts with Monash moving into specific cohort interviews (Dean’s Rural List and the Indigenous List) and then quickly progresses to include IB applicants. Notably La Trobe University also enters the fray at this time with interviews for their new course (Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical)) taking place for the very first time in early January. Early January also sees JCU progressing their interviews.

By the 11th January, New South Wales based universities (University of Newcastle/University of New England, UNSW and Western Sydney University) are in a position to make offers to specific applicants - local, certain interstate and rural applicants - with the particular cohorts being targeted at this time being specific to each university.

In mid-January, Monash move through to offer places to people who have applied through VTAC and then quickly progress to then interview interstate and IB candidates, as do UNSW and UWA.

By the 16th January Queensland universities get into the action with offers being released by Griffith and JCU.

Curtin, by the 17th January are up to their second round of interviews and just 5 days later they are in a position to issue second round offers.

Meanwhile, NSW universities (UNSW and USYD) seemingly coordinate their interview program for IB and interstate applicants with their interviews being both conducted on the 21st January (with UNSW also scheduling an additional interview day on the 18th if needed).

Prospective medical students lucky enough to receive an offer from JCU have until the 22nd to make up their minds. During this same time Monash and University of Newcastle/University of New England move with their final mop up interviews for interstate and overseas or non-rural applicants.

By the 25th January the NSW universities (UNSW and USyd) are in a position to provide offers through UAC to IB and interstate applicants.

By Australia Day (26th January) it’s all over bar the shouting (with the only undergraduate exception being offers coming from the University of Newcastle/University of New England that are due to be released on the 7th February).

Paperwork mop up for graduates

Compared to the undergraduate frenzy, the graduate applicant world is comparatively calm and serene with the major activity being contained to ensuring appropriate paperwork is provided. This includes documentation for conditional offers from USyd and the University of Melbourne. The University of Melbourne also has an enrollment deadline of 13th January for their medical program that commences on the 28th January (well ahead of the academic year).

IB Results

The main reason why January is so frantic for undergraduates is the 3rd January is the release date for International Baccalaureate results. This means all Year 12 results will have been provided by this date so all universities are fully in a position to progress and finalise offer processes to undergraduate medical students who will commence in 2019. Very good luck to all IB students.

Final deadline for UAC preferences

The final deadline for including a medical degree in UAC preferences pertains to Western Sydney University. Applicants have until the 6th January to include this as a preference (noting this does not apply to rural applicants - as their deadline passed on the 16th December).

Medical Schools in Australia Deadlines for late December 2018 and January 2019.