The new medicine year starts off with a bang - the excitement of medicine entry offers, university orientation and commencement.


medicine offers - all over bar the shouting.

Deadlines and Final Offers

By the time we hit February it’s effectively all over - further offers come through in early February (Monash Round 2, University of Newcastle/University of New England) and commensurately there are deadlines for offer acceptance. By mid February Monash are issuing final offers for their medicine program.

The excitement of commencing

Mid February heralds the start of the new medicine year with orientation programs in the build up to commencement on 25th February for James Cook, the Joint Medical Program at the University of Newcastle/University of New England, Curtin and UTas. Macquarie starts the next day. Monash are not far behind with the commencement of their MedStart Program on the 28th.

The University of Melbourne and University of Sydney have already hit the ground running with their medicine programs commencing on the 28th and 29th January respectively. ANU start on the 4th February and UNSW commences on the 18th with UNSW starting the next day.

Griffith are even earlier with their medicine orientation program commencing on 21st January. Other universities provide information about commencement of their medicine program as part of their academic year information.

Bond - later than others

The Bond medicine program works on a different timeline, with QTAC applications for Bond closing on the 31 January. Bond then require all documentation to be provided by 1st February so they are able to commence their on-line testing on the 12th February. Bond interviews take place on the 26th February.

GAMSAT - next important testing round

For graduates, the next GAMSAT testing opportunity is on 23rd March and registrations close for this on the 2nd February. If you miss this deadline there is also late registration available which closes on the 11th February.

Medical Schools in Australia Deadlines for late January and February 2019.