Medical School Deadlines - The party's over and now it's getting serious.


Note: VTAC list Monash Medicine – CSP Extended Rural Cohort School Leaver Entry, and School Leaver entry as early closing courses with application dates of 27 September


Open Day season ends with a bang


The party of Open Days end with a crescendo on the very last weekend of August. A total of 5 Open Days comprising ANU, Notre Dame Sydney, University of Sydney, James Cook Cairns and Deakin Burwood mark the end of the season and we now very much head into the business end of the year. 


Mid September is all a flutter 

GAMSAT testing day is the 12th September and this, together with UMAT results being released in mid September pushes the anxiety levels up a number of notches. We wish all prospective undergraduate and postgraduate medical students the very best of luck. 


Gearing up for interviews - don't forget to check those SPAM folders

September sees the pace radically quicken with interview offers being released by a large number of universities and by GEMSAS. The offers are quickly made good with a fast paced move into interviews proper - these being conducted predominantly in the second half of September.  The University of Melbourne, Monash, Flinders, UoW, Macquarie, University of Sydney and ANU all have interviews occurring during this time. 

Emails will be sent out letting you know you have an interview offer - so now is very much the time to double check which email account you registered, and also make sure you regularly check your spam folder (and any other places where emails may be directed) to ensure you don't miss a notification. 


Last call for applications

Many Universities opened medical degree applications in August and a large number close these at the end of September. This includes UNSW, Curtin, University of Sydney, University of Newcastle/New England, UWA, SATAC,  UAC, Western Sydney and UTAS. JCU have closing deadlines at the end of August and also at the end of September.

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