Undergraduate Deadlines - the end of September is key deadline time, and October brings the promise of some offers.


NOTE: Study Medicine contacted various universities regarding inconsistencies in some deadline information. Since the recording of this video UWA and UNSW (rural) websites have been updated to coincide with TISC and UAC information respectively. These recent changes are including in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Deadlines given below but are not currently included in the above video recording.


Here’s what’s happening in late September and into October

Interviews everywhere…

Don’t forget to check your email - including spam and other folders for interview offers

The latter part of September sees interviews happening all over the place, and these continue into October - with these latter interviews progressing through to international, rural and Indigenous applicants at UNSW, Griffith and Flinders.

Calling for Undergraduate Applications for Medicine

A very important time of the year is fast approaching for direct entry undergraduate students - being the end of September. This key time represents the final date that applications can be lodged for a large number of undergraduate medical degrees. There are 4 key dates occurring during this time -

  • 27th September for VTAC applications

  • 28th September for UAC and TISC applications,

  • 29th September for SATAC applications, and

  • 30th September for direct university applications - Western Sydney (noting applications are required to be submitted to both UAC by the UAC date and the university), JCU and UNSW (noting applications to be lodged to both UAC by the UAC date and via the UNSW Medicine Application Portal).

These are not the only undergraduate deadline dates around this time - for example, there are further October deadlines -

  • in early October for University of Newcastle/University of New England’s Joint Medical Program and for Macquarie, and

  • end of October for the Joint Medical Program and University of Sydney.

A Word of Warning regarding Application Dates

There are some inconsistencies in notices of application deadlines, particularly between some university websites and central agencies such SATAC and UAC. The inconsistencies are noted in the listing below, so make sure you are fully aware of the deadlines and double check your information sources.

The most appropriate way to make sure you are not caught by any inconsistencies is to make sure you have lodged your application well ahead of time. Also remember to pay any applicable application fees.

The article Medical Applications - How the Australian System Works may also provide further context that is helpful.

Late October - have are you feeling?

Apart from the burst of enthusiasm from Monash in mid September with Canadian and North American offers, late October sees the first signs of offers to students who will commence medicine in 2019.

Flinders starts the batting with domestic applicants notified from mid October, followed by ANU and University of Melbourne in late October. Very good luck to all.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Deadlines - for late September and October 2018.