And we're off. May marks the beginning of the application cycle - particularly for graduates


May heralds some key deadlines.

The end of May is a critical deadline for graduates

The 31st May heralds the close of GEMSAS applications. A large number of postgraduate medical programs commensurately close their application process on this date. Associated closures include:

  • UWA - close their online application system.

  • Macquarie

  • University of Melbourne - also close Graduate Access Melbourne and Indigenous applications.

The University of Sydney (who is not part of the GEMSAS consortium) - close their application system for domestic applicants prior to GEMSAS, on 24 May.

Key closure date for USyd applicants

The postgraduate University of Sydney medicine application process includes an additional step that requires applicants to have their previous qualifications assessed by UAC’s Qualifications Assessment Service. As a possible trap for young players, this Service closes on 23rd May. So ensure you have completed this task as you will not be able to complete your application to USyd without this information.

The end of May is also important for high school students wanting to apply for postgraduate medical programs at UWA and ANU.

UWA uses the 31st May as their key date not only for graduates but also for high performing high school students who seek direct entry to medicine. These students also need to have completed ISAT (by 31st May) or have sat UCAT.

ANU have introduced a new scheme - the Admission, Scholarships and Accommodation scheme. This undergraduate, domestic entrance scheme has a closing date of 31st May. This new scheme, and its associated application deadline, is important to note if your intended pathway to postgraduate medicine at ANU is though an undergraduate ANU degree.

Mid May is key for GAMSAT and MCAT

Applications close for the September GAMSAT sitting this month and applicants who sat GAMSAT in March will receive their results in May (in time for GEMSAS applications).

International graduates need to have sat MCAT by 18th May in order to be eligible for 2020 entry.

And don’t forget CASPer

The CASPer test is used by the University of Wollongong to assess graduate applicants. The CASPer test date is 23rd May.

Meanwhile over at Flinders and Macquarie…

Flinders and Macquarie unlike other graduate medicine programs who are closing applications at the end of May are already progressing interviews. Flinders have a system that enables interviews to be conducted throughout the year and close their graduate applications when places are filled. Graduate interviews take place in May and August (also in December if needed). Likewise Macquarie commence interviews in May for international students (undertaken on Skype or similar platforms) and these continue until October.

And Bond has just started

The Bond medicine program is the shortest of all medicine degrees (being 4 years and 8 months) and so starts the latest, with O-week commencing on the 7th May.

A key undergraduate date in May is 17th - when UCAT closes

UMAT has been replaced by the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT). This test is the predominant entrance assessment used by most undergraduate medicine degrees to determine students who will receive an offer of a place. Registrations for UCAT opened on 1st March and close on 17th May (note the concession scheme closes on 10th May. Access arrangement applications also close on 10th May).

Beware there are some important inconsistencies

Although you might think most universities update their application information at the end of the year, this is not necessarily the case. It’s really only April, when most universities have updated their information, that you can get a sense of what the current year looks like in terms of deadlines. And that’s also the time when some inconsistencies become apparent. This month highlights a number of significant inconsistencies that include:

  • Monash’s information about the UCAT closure date (Monash indicate UCAT closes on the 19th May - when it actually closes on the 17th),

  • the University of Melbourne have two separate selection date documents that have dates throughout the year that are different by 1 day, and

  • University of Wollongong indicates the GEMSAS and portfolio submission opening date as late April when it is early May

  • GAMSAT results issued in late May (whereas the University of Wollongong indicate these result are available in mid May)

Medical Schools in Australia Deadlines for late April and May 2019.


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download deadlines here

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Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university information sources and therefore is a guide. Authoritative information is provided by the university only. Make sure you obtain information directly from the university before making any decisions. 

The above information is intended to help you understand pertinent deadlines for the month. Remember, information can always change, so ensure you keep up to date by regularly checking directly with the appropriate organisation to determine current deadline information.