Winter Solstice and beyond


UCAT for high school students and applications progress for graduates.

USYD and University of Melbourne mop up documentation

USYD international applicants have until the 26th June to provide their supporting documentation to the University. The next day domestic students will receive advice from the university and have a short time window of just 4 days to complete the online confirmation page. The online interview booking system then closes on the 9th July. International students have until the 26th July to complete their confirmation page. Down south the University of Melbourne gives international applicants until 14th July to submit various documentation in support of their applications.

Meanwhile over at Flinders and Macquarie…

Flinders have a system that enables interviews to be conducted throughout the year and close their graduate applications when places are filled. Graduate interviews take place in August (also in December if needed). Likewise Macquarie commence interviews in May for international students (undertaken on Skype or similar platforms) and these continue until October.

The end of June frenzy

The end of June wraps up the application period with a bang, particularly for graduates with

  • University of Melbourne closing international applications and Flinders closing (28th June)

  • Monash closing domestic graduate entry, University of Adelaide close their applications for international undergraduates and Deakin closing international applications (30th June), and

  • ANU do the same, closing international and Indigenous applications on the 30th June.

And what about undergraduates?

July represents one of the most critical times for undergraduate medicine aspirants with the commencement of UCAT in Australia. UCAT testing takes places throughout July and concludes on 31st July.

Undergrad applicants don’t forget ISAT if you’re an international student

ISAT is required for international students wanting to apply for undergraduate medicine degrees at Flinders, UQ, UTAS, Monash, Western Sydney, UWA and UNSW universities. There are no set dates for ISAT.

With applications closed the interviews can begin

The beginning of July marks the start of graduate interviews for international students at UWA (in Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada) and ANU commence Indigenous and international interviews. Monash gets into the swing of things with Malaysia, Singapore and other areas of Asia international interviews for undergrad and graduate entry positions. By mid July USYD have commenced face to face domestic interviews for graduates and then closely follow this up by issuing invitations to domestic students (who will be interviewed by video link) followed by international students. Griffith’s international interviews take place in late July.

The tail end of July tests personal qualities

The University of Adelaide has a run on Personal Quality Assessment tests with these carried out from 25th to the 31st in Adelaide, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, Hong Kong and Singapore.

End of July close of applications

UTAS close applications for international students (Round 2) on 26th July. Monash close applications for graduate and direct entry for Canadian and North American students on the 29th July and Deakin close Indigenous applications on 31st July.

Medical Schools in Australia Deadlines for late June and July 2019.


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download deadlines here

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Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university information sources and therefore is a guide. Authoritative information is provided by the university only. Make sure you obtain information directly from the university before making any decisions. 

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