Study Medicine allows you to identify all the possible degree paths to medicine.


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all australian medicine degrees (and degrees leading to medicine)

If you want to Identify all available degrees choose the Basic Information Package

The Basic Information Package includes all Degree Path Summaries and monthly Deadline Listing

  • Degree Path Summaries - for 59 Australian medicine degrees from 20 Australian university medicine degree programs (offered by 22 universities)

  • Clear visual summary format 

  • Each university’s degree paths to medicine (including degrees that lead to medicine)

  • Type of medicine degree offered (undergraduate, postgraduate or both)

  • Selection criteria for the offer a place - items assessed and their weightings

  • Academic requirements (ATAR, etc.) and subject prerequisites

  • Deadline Listing - comprehensive monthly application deadline listing compiled from 70 webpages. Includes significant deadlines for the month - applications, when offers are issued, when invitation to interview are issued, etc.


  • Determine subjects to study in Year 12, and subject requirements in Year 11 and Year 10

  • Easily identify direct entry medicine degrees and the undergraduate degrees that lead to post graduate medicine

  • Identify Plan B postgraduate medicine options

  • Identify application deadlines for the month and when significant events in the medicine application cycle are taking place


how to access Study medicine information

There are 4 Study Medicine information packages. 

  • Deadline Listing - $5 initial fee then $5 per month (monthly access)

  • Basic Information Package - $140 (12 month access)

  • Comprehensive Information Package - $245 (12 month access)

  • Professional / School Information Package - $345 (12 month access)




Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university information sources and publicly available data and therefore is a generic guide and is not to be relied upon. Authoritative information is only provided by the university and/or admissions centre. Make sure you obtain information directly from the university/admissions centre before making any decisions.