Medicine Applications - how the Australian system works



If you want to apply for medicine you need to do so through the application system applicable for that degree.

The key thing to realise is this means you will need to put in multiple applications (through different application systems) if you're wanting to apply for a number of medicine degrees or degrees leading to medicine around Australia. 


It also depends on who you are...

in terms of the specific requirements that apply - ie. whether you're a domestic student, if you're an international student, are you applying for a particular type of place such as a rural placement etc.


In other words you need to

  • determine the medicine degrees or degrees leading to medicine you want to apply for

  • identify the university that provides that degree

  • determine what application approach that university takes for that degree as it applies to you

  • understand the application deadlines for that application system

  • understand the application deadlines for that degree

  • as well as understand any other particular aspects that apply for entry to that degree (such as subject prerequisites, special or additional application requirements such as UMAT etc).


Let me show you why...


Medicine application systems 

There are different types of application systems for Australian degrees, which are either -

  • through to the university directly, or

  • through a centralised system - which can either be State based (ie depending upon where the university is located) or through a system such as GEMSAS

Medicine Application System.jpg

State Medicine Application Systems - and traps for young players

Let's use VTAC as an example of a State medicine application system... 


If you want to apply for the only direct entry medicine degree in Victoria (which is Monash University undergraduate medicine) you need to do this through that State's application system which is VTAC.  The following information summarises some of the key aspects you need to keep in mind in order to apply for medicine through VTAC -


VTAC's Application System for Medicine

Medicine Application System 29182.jpg


There are a few key things that stand out when you go through the information above:

  • you apply for medicine (or any other degree in Victoria that requires a VTAC application) by filling in an online VTAC application

  • you can only have one application

  • the online application includes a preference list section where you add the Courses/degrees you wish to apply for/receive offers for. You can change the order of the degrees in the list to indicate which Courses/degrees are your higher preferences

  • the deadline for completing (and paying the application fee) for the online application is 27 September

  • there are get out of jail cards if you don't complete the online application by the 27 September deadline. By paying late application fees you can still lodge an online application with VTAC by certain dates.


Monash's direct entry (undergraduate) medicine degrees have an early closing date of 27 September.


Why is this important?

This basically means if you miss VTAC's online application date of 27 September, even if you put in a late VTAC online application, you still won't be able to apply for Monash undergraduate medicine because Monash's undergraduate medicine degree applications will have closed and therefore can't be added into your preference list.



And why should you care - if you're not from Victoria?

The above example shows that you really do need to work through what degrees you are interested in, 

and understand the application system that applies for each degree - recognising you may have to put in applications through a number of systems,

and understand what application steps you need to go through as they apply to you,

as well as understand the workings of that application system - including aspects such as deadlines, and

determine if there are any particular deadlines/specific aspects (such as prerequisites, additional application requirements) that apply,

for each degree you are interested in applying for.


There's a lot to work through. 


So the thing to do is start early, work out the degrees you are interested in, do your homework and put in applications. In Study Medicine check out the deadline section and you can also find application information for each university. This is under Details in the navigation tab - for each university. You can also see how this works by going to Macquarie trial Details with application information provided in the detailed table.

There is also helpful information information provided by sources such as VTAC, UAC etc as well as information provided by universities directly - so get to it and start applying.


Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university and other information sources and therefore is a guide only. Authoritative information is only provided by Universities and other sources such as VTAC etc. Make sure you obtain information directly from these organisations before making any decisions.