The University of Queensland (UQ) offers a postgraduate medical degree with two entry paths -

  • Year 12 school leavers may secure provisional entry, meaning an allocated place in the postgraduate medical degree is provided (this requires the student to maintain satisfactory performance in their undergraduate degree) and

  • a direct entry path for graduates with a completed degree.


Entry Requirements - The full details regarding the entry requirements for medicine at UQ are given in the table below.

How UQ Compares with Other Universities - Scroll further down, below the table  and you'll also see the UQ Comparitor. This tool enables you to compare the 2 paths to medicine at UQ, with other university paths to medicine (offered by 19 Australian universities). 



UQ detailed entry Requirements


The key aspects in how UQ structures its postgraduate medical degree and how the 2 paths flow into it include -


More than postgraduate

The Provisional Entry undergraduate degree path is for high achieving students and has an ATAR requirement of 99. Half the Commonwealth supported places in the UQ medical program are allocated to students coming through this path (140 places out of the total 280). These students are required to maintain a grade point average of a minimum of 5 and need to complete their undergraduate degree in minimum time in order to commence the Doctor of Medicine degree.


No Interview needed - for now…but its changing

UQ was one of the few Australian universities that has not included an interview as part of the selection criteria for the Doctor of Medicine degree - but this is now changing with the gradual introduction of an interview process for both Provisional Entry and Graduate (Direct) Entry paths. 

The way this is being phased in is as follows:

  • Provisional Entry - from 2020 for entry into the 2021 year

  • Graduate Entry - from 2019 for entry into the 2020 year

How UQ will then determine offers of places taking into consideration interview performance, is yet to be advised.


UQ offers a bonus scheme

If you are a high school student, you can gain up to 5 extra points that are added to your entry rank, for studies in languages other than English, Mathematics C or if you have completed a university-level enrichment course in Year 12. 


Prerequisites - university subject requirements are also changing

Along with the changes being introduced with commencement of interviews, UQ are also changing their university subject prerequisites for undergraduate degrees. UQ does not currently specify the types of previous degrees required for the postgraduate medical program. Strong scientific knowledge including science, biomedical science and health science degrees with Year 2 studies in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry have been recommended, with social sciences and humanities also recommended.

From 2022 however, things step up a notch with UQ requiring Provisional Entry and Graduate Entry students to have completed two prerequisite subjects by the end of the year prior to commencement of the Doctor of Medicine degree, these subjects being:

  • Integrative Cell and Tissue Biology, and

  • System Physiology

Biostatistics and Anatomy are also recommended undergraduate courses.

Prior degrees - the 10 year rule with a twist

For Graduate Entry applicants previous university studies need to be completed within 10 years (like many other universities) of commencement of the medical degree. The notable difference in this, however, compared with other universities, is additional required studies involve 1 semester of postgraduate coursework, when usually it is 1 year. 


Higher Degrees Count

The way UQ calculates grade point average (GPA) for graduates seeking to enter the medical program allows your most recent degree to be recognised. This means if you have a higher degree (such as a Masters or a PhD) you are able to include this in your GPA calculation. GPA, however is currently only used to separate students with the same GAMSAT, so it will be interesting to see whether the introduction of an interview in the selection process also includes changes to how GPA is taken into account.



UQ Comparitor

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UQ's Paths to Medicine

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An important qualification


Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university information sources and therefore is a guide. Authoritative information is provided by the university only. Make sure you obtain information directly from the university before making any decisions. 

The above information is intended to help you understand the University of Queensland medical degree and the available paths to gain entry. Remember, information can always change, so ensure you keep up to date by regularly checking directly with the University of Queensland.