The University of Sydney medical degree is a postgraduate degree. There are, however, two undergraduate degrees at the University of Sydney (Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science) that have guaranteed paths through to the Doctor of Medicine degree. Selection for these degrees (known as the Double Degree Medical Program) takes place as part of the entry assessment for the undergraduate degree and successful applicants then progress directly into the postgraduate/medical degree. 


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Available paths 


There are 3 paths to medicine at the University of Sydney. 

Path 1: Undergraduate degree (any degree, any university)

There are no prerequisite undergraduate degrees and no requirement for undergraduate degrees to have been completed at the University of Sydney so, this means if you have a degree from any recognised university, you are able to apply.  Assumed knowledge for the degree includes anatomy, physiology and molecular/cellular biology. The additional proviso is the degree must be less than 10 years old. If it's older, you need to complete a postgraduate degree or postgraduate diploma with at least 1 year of this being undertaken at the awarding institution.  

In addition to this path, the University of Sydney provides 2 paths that are University of Sydney specific. These paths provide guaranteed entry to University of Sydney medicine for students with high ATARs. An ATAR of 99.95 (IB 45) is required. For Indigenous students the ATAR requirement is 90.

Path 2: Bachelor of Arts (University of Sydney)

Path 3: Bachelor of Science (University of Sydney)

Path 2 and Path 3 have prerequisite requirements for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. From 2020 this includes a mathematics requirement (Mathematics or Mathematics Advanced at the equivalent of NSW band 4 level). The Bachelor of Science degree also has assumed knowledge of Mathematics or Mathematics Extension 1.



How selection works


The selection criteria for University of Sydney medicine involves different arrangements depending upon whether you are applying for graduate entry or for undergraduate/Double Degree Medical Program entry:- 

Path 1 Graduate entry

Stage 1: Your GPA and average GAMSAT results are used to determine who's offered an interview. 

Stage 2: Offers of a place in the University of Sydney medical degree are made on the basis of admission test results (i.e. GAMSAT/MCAT) and the interview. 

Indigenous applicants coming through the Facilitated Entry Scheme also need to undertake an additional interview.


Path 2 Undergraduate/Double Degree Medical Program entry

Assessment for entry into the Double Degree is a single stage process undertaken as part of the assessment for entry into your undergraduate degree.

Your ATAR results are combined with results from the assessment process (involving a written assessment and panel discussion session) to determine offers of a place in the University of Sydney Double Degree Medical Program. The University of Sydney does not disclose the relative weightings of the selection criteria components.  

Importantly, UCAT is not required for entry into the Double Degree Medical Program.

Provided you achieve a 65/credit average during each year of your undergraduate degree you are able to progress directly into the Doctor of Medicine degree without the need to go through further assessment.



An important qualification

Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university information sources and therefore is a guide. Authoritative information is provided by the university only. Make sure you obtain information directly from the university before making any decisions. 

The above information is intended to help you understand the University of Sydney's medical degree and the available paths to gain entry. Remember, information can always change, so ensure you keep up to date by regularly checking directly with the University of Sydney.