The University of Tasmania (UTAS) Summary shows there are 3 paths to medicine at UTAS. These are:-

  • Direct entry for high school students into the UTAS undergraduate medical degree (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery),

  • through the Bachelor of Medical Research degree at UTAS, or

  • through the Bachelor of Medical Research degree Guaranteed Entry Scheme, also at UTAS.


Entry Requirements - The full details regarding the entry requirements for medicine at UTAS are given in the table below.

This table shows, not only the requirements to obtain a place in the undergraduate medical degree, but also details how each of the 3 paths flow into the medical degree, and what you need to keep in mind when applying. 

How UTas Compares with Other Universities - Scroll further down, below the table  and you'll also see the UTAS Comparitor. This tool enables you to compare the 3 paths to medicine at UTAS with other university paths to medicine (offered by 19 Australian universities). 



University of Tasmania detailed entry Requirements


There are a number of notable aspects in how UTAS structures its undergraduate medical degree and how the 3 paths flow to it. 


How the ATARs compare 

The UTAS medical degree is an undergraduate degree and mainly accepts high school leavers. This approach is reflected in the ATAR requirements for the 3 paths, with Direct Entry being the highest at 95 min, followed by the Guaranteed Entry Scheme through the Bachelor of Medical Research degree at 90 min, with graduate entry following completion of the Bachelor of Medical Research degree having the lowest ATAR requirement at 85 min. 


No interview required

UTAS is one of the few universities in Australia that do not include an interview as part of their medical selection process (though Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants are required to undertake an interview as part of their tailored application process).


Guaranteed Entry Scheme applications - none required

There is no requirement to apply for the Guaranteed Entry Scheme as the assessment for this Scheme are made directly by the university utilising the applications from students who were previously unsuccessful in gaining a Direct Entry place. This assessment uses the same criteria as that used to offer a place in the UTAS medical program - being a combination of ATAR and UCAT performance.

The student's subsequent place in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree is subject to continued academic achievement during the Bachelor of Medical Research degree, with at least a credit average required.


Options for graduates

The only graduates UTAS accepts into its medical program are the ones that come through the UTAS Bachelor of Medical Research degree. It is not clear how many places are offered in the UTAS medical degree and therefore it is also not possible to assess the number of places available for Bachelor of Medical Research graduates, that is beyond the 25 who are successful in gaining a place through the Guaranteed Entry Scheme. 



UTAS Comparitor

UTAS Comparitor - Click the arrow to scroll through other university paths to medicine (Note: Some universities have numerous paths and these are shown on separate pages). 




UTAS's Paths to Medicine

Compared with -

Other University Paths to Medicine



An important qualification


Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university information sources and therefore is a guide. Authoritative information is provided by the university only. Make sure you obtain information directly from the university before making any decisions. 

The above information is intended to help you understand the University of Tasmania medical degree and the available paths to gain entry. Remember, information can always change, so ensure you keep up to date by regularly checking directly with the University of Tasmania.