The University of Western Australia (UWA) offers two postgraduate pathways to medicine - 

  • Direct Entry - a guaranteed entry program following completion of any UWA undergraduate degree and

  • Standard (Graduate) Entry - undertaken after completing a previous degree at UWA.


Entry Requirements - The full details regarding the entry requirements for medicine at UWA are given in the table below.

This table shows, not only the requirements to obtain a place in the postgraduate medical degree, but also details how each of the 2 paths flow into the medical degree and what you need to keep in mind not only for medicine, but also when applying for your undergraduate degree. 

How UWA Compares with Other Universities - Scroll further down, below the table  and you'll also see the UWA Comparitor. This tool enables you to compare the 2 paths to medicine at UWA, with other university paths (offered by 19 Australian universities).  



University of Western Australia detailed entry Requirements


There are a number of notable aspects in how UWA structures its postgraduate medical degree and how the 2 undergraduate paths flow to it. 


Two postgraduate paths but Direct Entry favoured

Of the 206 places in the UWA Doctor of Medicine degree, 156 places (approximately 70%) are allocated to students coming through the Direct Entry path. The Direct Entry path pertains to high academic achieving students, Broadway School Scheme applicants, rural applicants, and international applicants. Of the 156 Direct Entry places, most (65 places) are allocated to high performing (ATAR 99 min) students.


Degree Longevity

UWA does not have a 10 year rule - meaning even if your undergraduate degree was completed more than 10 years ago, you are still able to apply. Your degree just needs to have been completed at UWA. 


The value of sciences subjects

UWA recommend biology, chemistry and physics in Year 12 and for these to be continued into first year university undergraduate subjects. There are no recommended Bachelor degrees but UWA does provide recommended undergraduate subjects/units that are important for the Doctor of Medicine degree. It’s worthwhile noting first year undergraduate subjects/units may have prerequisite Year 12 requirements, so if you are planning to apply for UWA Direct Entry medicine make sure you work through not only what Bachelor degree you may wish to study, but also within this, think about the subjects/units you may wish to study in first year and make sure you have the prerequisite Year 12 subjects in place.

UMAT or GAMSAT but not both

The path you intend progressing through to medicine at UWA determines whether you need to sit the UMAT or the GAMSAT. The UMAT is only required if you are pursuing the Direct Entry path and in this, it's also worth noting that it is the overall UMAT score that is assessed (based on the sum of the three section scores, not the percentiles). There is, however, the requirement for the section 1 percentile score to be at least 20 in order for the applicant to be considered. If on the other hand you are after graduate entry, you need to sit the GAMSAT.



University of Western Australia Comparitor


UWA Comparitor - Click the arrow to scroll through other university paths to medicine to compare UWA paths.(Note: Some universities have numerous paths and these are shown on separate pages).




UWA's Paths to Medicine

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Other University Paths to Medicine



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Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university information sources and therefore is a guide. Authoritative information is provided by the university only. Make sure you obtain information directly from the university before making any decisions. 

The above information is intended to help you understand the University of Western Australia medical degree and the available paths to gain entry. Remember, information can always change, so ensure you keep up to date by regularly checking directly with the University of Western Australia.