The Flinders University medical degree offers either the option of progressing directly from school into a double medical degree (Bachelor of Clinical Sciences, Doctor of Medicine), or completing a postgraduate medical degree. Students can complete the medical program in either Adelaide or Darwin. For those students undertaking the program in Darwin, the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences is offered by Charles Darwin University with the Doctor of Medicine degree then completed through Flinders University.


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Available paths 


There are 7 (yes 7!) possible paths to medicine at Flinders University. 


Path 1: Direct Entry 

The medical double degree involves undertaking an initial Bachelor of Clinical Sciences degree and then students are able to directly progress to the Doctor of Medicine degree (subject, of course, to successful completion of the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences degree with a required grade point average). There are no prerequisite subjects for the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences degree and students may elect to undertake this degree in either Adelaide or Darwin. The differing minimum ATARs reflect this choice, with Darwin ATAR requirements historically slightly lower than Adelaide's. Note there is a discrepancy between information provided by Charles Darwin versus Flinders in terms of the ATAR requirements for Indigenous students.


In addition to this path, Flinders University also offer a number of graduate entry options to the Doctor of Medicine degree:  

Path 2: Undergraduate degree (any degree, any university)

Path 3: Undergraduate or higher degree from Flinders University

Path 4: Bachelor of Health Sciences from Flinders University

Path 5: Bachelor of Medical Science from Flinders University

Path 6: Bachelor of Paramedic Science from Flinders University

Path 7: Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) from Flinders University

ATARs and subject prerequisites for Paths 2 and 3 are determined by the particular degree being undertaken. 

The Flinders degrees that lead to medicine (Paths 4-7) each have substantially different ATAR requirements, with the Bachelor of Paramedic Science being the highest (in 2019 the minimum ATAR entry score was 98.2). 

Path 3 enables students from Flinders who have undertaken a previous degree to apply for medicine. This also includes graduates who have higher degrees - Honours, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters or PhD.



How the paths compare


Students wishing to apply for the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences need to sit the UCAT or if you are an International student, the ISAT, and postgraduate students applying for the Doctor of Medicine degree need the GAMSAT or MCAT. 



How selection works


The selection criteria for Flinders medicine is different, depending upon whether you are applying for the double Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine degree, or whether you are a graduate applying for the Doctor of Medicine degree. 

Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine

Stage 1: If you are an international applicant, your ISAT score is used to rank you for the offer of an interview. 

Domestic students aren't required to undertake an interview.


Stage 2: Domestic and International students are selected for the double degree based on:-

Domestic students - Your ATAR (90%) is combined with your UCAT results (10%) to determine your ranking for an offer.

International students - Your ISAT is combined with your interview result and your secondary school results.


Doctor of Medicine

Stage 1:  The offer of an interview is made based on a student's GAMSAT/MCAT score (unless you’re an Indigenous applicant in which case you can either apply through the domestic pathway (requiring GAMSAT) or through the Indigenous Entry Scheme. 

Stage 2: Selection for the offer of a place in the Doctor of Medicine degree is made on the basis of your interview result (33%) that is combined with your weighted GPA (33%) and GAMSAT (33%).

If you’re applying for a rural sub-quota place you’re required to complete an autobiographical statement (10%) and this is combined with your interview (40%), a scenario (20%) and an overall performance assessment (30%) to determine your offer of a place.

Indigenous applicants applying through the Indigenous Entry Scheme have an interview and then are required to complete a 4-5 week program (Preparation for Medicine and Extended Learning in Science) in order to qualify.



An important qualification


Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university information sources and therefore is a guide. Authoritative information is provided by the university only. Make sure you obtain information directly from the university before making any decisions. 

The above information is intended to help you understand the Flinders University medical degree and the available paths to gain entry. Remember, information can always change, so ensure you keep up to date by regularly checking directly with Flinders University.