Griffith University's medical degree is a postgraduate degree, so you need to have completed previous university study if you want to do medicine at Griffith. There is, however, an undergraduate path through the Bachelor of Medical Science degree at both Griffith and the University of the Sunshine Coast that provide provisional entry to the postgraduate Doctor of Medicine. 


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Available paths 


There are 3 undergraduate paths to medicine at Griffith University and these are:

Path 1:  Bachelor of Medical Science (Griffith).

The requirements for this degree, in terms of academic achievement is high, in 2019 being OP 1 or ATAR 99 - reflecting the provisional entry aspect to the Doctor of Medicine degree.

Importantly, applicants must not have commenced study at any university (at diploma level or higher) to be eligible for entry into Bachelor of Medical Science degree.

Path 2: Bachelor of Medical Science (USC).

This degree mirrors the Medical Science degree at Griffith in that it has the same OP/ATAR requirements of 1 and 99 and also the same stipulation that applicants must not have commenced study at any university (at diploma level or higher) to be eligible for entry into Bachelor of Medical Science degree.

Path 3: Undergraduate or postgraduate degree (any degree, any university)

There are no prerequisite undergraduate degrees and no requirement for degrees to have been completed at Griffith University so this means, if you have a degree from any recognised university, you are able to apply. The proviso is the degree must be less than 10 years old. If it's older, you need to complete 1 year full time study within the last 10 years of commencing the Griffith medical degree. 

You are also able to apply if you have a postgraduate degree - including Honours, Masters or PhD. 



How selection works


Selection for the Griffith Bachelor of Medical Science degree is the same as for any other non-medical undergraduate degree - being based on academic merit (e.g. ATAR).

Once the Bachelor of Medical Science degree is completed, students are able to progress directly into medicine, with 2 provisos -

  • You've passed the Human Skills for Medicine subject, and

  • You've achieved a GPA of 5

If you've achieved both of these, you're good to go directly into the Doctor of Medicine degree without the need to go though an interview or need to sit the GAMSAT. 


The selection criteria for Griffith University medicine for graduates who don't have a Griffith or USC Bachelor of Medical Science degree, is a 2 stage process (like many other universities):-

Stage 1: Your GPA and GAMSAT results (50% for each) are used to determine who's offered an interview (the interview at Griffith is known as the GUMSAA - which stands for Griffith University Multiple Station Admission Assessment). 

Stage 2: Your interview score is added to your GPA and GAMSAT results and divided by 2 to provide a ranking to determine who's offered of a place in Griffith University's medical degree. 



An important qualification


Study Medicine information has been compiled from Australian university information sources and therefore is a guide. Authoritative information is provided by the university only. Make sure you obtain information directly from the university before making any decisions. 

The above information is intended to help you understand the Griffith University medical degree and the available paths to gain entry. Remember, information can always change, so ensure you keep up to date by regularly checking directly with Griffith University.