Christmas, interviews and medical degree offers are fast approaching - have you been naughty or nice?


For undergrads it all comes down to this - ATARs and interviews. For Graduates it’s completion of paperwork time for those with offers.

Late November and December interview time heats up for undergrads

The avalanche of undergraduate interviews really hits in late November and early December with the following universities conducting interviews all around the same time. If you’ve applied for medical programs across Australia you’re going to be really busy with the following universities all offering interviews:

  • University of Adelaide,

  • Western Sydney,

  • University of Newcastle/New England (if you’re a NSW, ACT, Queensland or rural applicant),

  • University of Western Australia (if you are applying as a school leaver),

  • James Cook University (interviews in both late November/early December and subsequently in January)

  • Curtin University,

  • Flinders - for international undergraduate entry via the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and graduate entry (if places are still available).

  • Monash adds to the excitement with interviews held in Malaysia, Singapore and other areas in Asia for both undergrads (direct entry) as well as graduate entry.

  • For the University of Sydney, double degree program applicants have to endure the fatefully titled Assessment Day (interview and written assessment) on 17th December

Further undergraduate interviews take place in late December (17th to 21st) for UNSW (for NSW and ACT applicants) and Monash will advise interview eligibility during during these dates as well.

Important ISAT deadline for international students

The 30th November is the deadline set by UNSW for international students to have sat ISAT. This date is also the deadline for you to lodge associated paperwork - your application with UNSW Admissions and also completion of the separate Medical Application Form.

Undergrads it’s ATAR time!

ATARs are released in mid December with the 14th being the key date for UAC and VTAC releases - VTAC jump the gun with results being released at 7 am. This is followed by a 9 am release by UAC. ACT and WA students have to wait until the 17th to get their results with ACT results being released at 9 am.

We wish all high school students the very best of luck.

Deadlines for UAC preferences

There are some important deadlines for UAC preferences. It’s equally important to note these deadlines are university specific:

  • The end of November is the last day you can include the University of Newcastle/University of New England Joint Medical Program in your UAC preference list.

  • The University of Sydney also sets a UAC preference list deadline - being the 14th December for NSW and ACT applicants to include medicine double degrees with the 15th January being the applicable date for IB and interstate applicants

  • UAC’s deadline for changing your preferences is then the 16th December (with this also being pertinent to Western Sydney University rural applicants and USYD double degree applicants)

  • for UNSW it’s the 20 December.

Curtin advise you have until 18th December to change your course preferences.

Undergraduate Christmas presents

The 19th through to the 21st December heralds early Christmas presents for UTAS (Tasmanian applicants), Western Sydney (rural applicants), University of Newcastle/University of New England (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants) and Curtin applicants all getting an early Christmas present with offers being released during this period. The end of December sees offers issued by Monash to Foundation Years and overseas direct entry students.

Graduates - follow ups to offers that have been made

The last of the graduate offers for the year occur in early December for Monash (Asian international students and Monash Foundation Year students) and USYD with offers to NSW and ACT applicants on 20th December. The University of Wollongong issue any subsequent offers from mid December through to mid January.

If you are an international student and have received an offer from the University of Melbourne you need to have ensured you have paid your deposit by 7th December. Any applicants who have received an unconditional offer from the University of Melbourne need to have accepted this by the 16th December.

Medical Schools in Australia Deadlines for late November and December 2018

Medical School Application Deadlines 25112018.jpg